What will Training manager/Instructional designer do on a regular basis:
  • Asses the learning needs for our technical and non-technical courses;
  • Maintain and grow our e-Learning courses;
  • Manage the registration and course scheduling;
  • Handle interactions with training centers; 
  • Create Script outlines and work with a video producer to develop instructional content
  • Constantly improve the visual appearance of the training website in collaboration with designers and front-end developers;
  • Prepare the monthly reports regarding the training progress;
  • Work in collaboration with Video production team in order to prepare/update the video scripts and video appearance.
What are the main challenges:

1. Support high quality and consistent service;
2. Keep up with the technology and changes;
3. Creating content for several different audiences.

Required Skills:
  • Training Management;
  • Strong writing and record keeping ability for reports and training manuals;
  • Experience developing certification programs;
  • Very good dealing with graphics programs, audio and video editing;
  • Understanding HTML, CSS;
  • A good understanding of Coding Concepts.
About team/product:

The Spryker Systems GmbH is a fast-growing technology company, offering leading manufacturers, brands and sellers of all industries a flexible commerce solution along all customer facing touchpoints. From online shop and mobile to voice, chat bot, blockchain and IoT use cases. Our modern offices are located in German and Ukraine.
At Spryker we believe in providing not only amazing technology but also the tools and services to make the most out of your time and effort. We are growing and so is our Academy team and we are looking for an amazing instructional designer to help us grow our training and certification program.

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