The international Spryker team is constantly working with new exciting customers, technologies and innovative approaches and is looking for talented employees, to join us revolutionizing the digital commerce world.

Your profile:
  • Senior-level software development expertise with high-level languages and passion for coding with PHP
  • Knowledge about professional software engineering e.g. SOLID-principles, Clean Code, Separation of Concerns
  • Working experience with frameworks like Zend, Symfony, Laravel or others
  • Strong consulting and architectural skills, relevant experience and understanding of E-commerce domain and requirements
Besides our basic requirements, you should feel comfortable with our technology stack. We do not expect that you are an expert in all fields, but some of them should be familiar to you.
  • Backend: PHP7, PostgreSQL, Redis, ElasticSearch, Twig, Composer, Git
  • Frontend: Javascript, Webpack, NPM
  • System: Vagrant, Saltstack, Docker
E-Commerce or Software Vendor experience.

You will:
  • Build architecture of existing and new Spryker products, which are run in hundreds of mid-size and large projects.
  • Engineer for engineers, code that is easy to understand, customize and developers enjoy to work with.
  • You will work on Spryker products together with other architects, design solutions for our customers and partners and evolve products with your experience, run technology investigations, coach and motivate engineers to disclose power of agile practices while building good software.
  • Analyze technologies to solve integration problems in projects and bring this knowledge to Spryker Products.
  • Outstanding analytical skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Passion to share, guide and navigate other
  • Ability to travel and participate in regular architecture workshops
  • Excellent written, verbal and communication skills in English
Are you thrilled? Please send us your CV.

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